Ajisen Ramen

Shopping is My Cardio


How many times have you heard this or seen this on a shirt? Aside from Black Friday shopping I am not the stereotypical woman, who loves shopping and can stay at the mall all day trying on endless pieces of clothing. I have a 1-3 hour limit, depending on who I’m with. I like to go in with a game plan. I know what I want or need, go in, buy it, leave.


On the other hand, my mother and my sister love shopping. They can go all day if needed. On these days, food is the most important thing to keep you going.



This location is inside the Century City Westfield Shopping Center. There is a lot of parking inside the structure; however, it’s $3 flat fee. There is inside and outdoor seating.


This restaurant is located in the corner, by the entrance.



I ordered the Vegetable Ramen make sure that they don’t use the meat broth. Also, since I’m allergic to mushrooms, I asked them to throw in extra veggies. My soup was a good size, I didn’t finish all of it. I think that it looks nice, because they section off all the veggies so you can see how much you’re actually getting.

I found that the broth was not as salty as most Ramen broth is.




The employees were very nice and accommodating. They prepared my food quickly and exactly how I ordered it.


What is your go to restaurant at the mall?


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