Whole Foods 

If there was one food that I had to live off of for the rest of my life, it would be pizza. Going vegan, giving up cheese was the most difficult thing to do. Latin dishes always have cheese, cream, or both. What’s a pizza without cheese? Why eat fake cheese (which I think is worse for your health than actual cheese)? It’s not the same !

Sometimes I truly wish that I had a Sims cloud over my head that showed an emoji of my current state of mind.

Lucky for me, S and I love pizza and we have pizza night, more often than we should. I am not kidding, when I tell you that I can eat an entire pie (maybe even 2) by myself. Yes, it is that serious of an addiction.


We usually head over to Whole Foods, for two reasons:

1. It’s close

2. It’s cheap

This Whole foods is quite big; however, parking here is an adventure. I don’t know if it’s the patrons or the parking lot design, but no matter what time you come here it is a disaster. Street parking on Rose or Lincoln is difficult either way.

They do have tables inside and outside to eat; however, we take ours to go.


Whole Foods take out is not like normal take out. We have found that they use fresh ingredients and you get great tasting food. Note the vegan pizza only comes in the large size. My favorite topping combination is pineapple, black olives, and spinach/basil. They know how to cook it just right so that the “cheese” gets the perfect texture. Their crust is so soft and fluffy. We recently started ordering extra marinara sauce so that we can dip our left over crust. I tried to get good pictures of my pie, but the “cheese” doesn’t photograph too well.


I’ve only had a mistake once, where the staff forgot to make my pizza. There is nothing worse than ordering your pizza, hanging out for 20 minutes, coming back and finding out that it was never made. On top of that there was no discount or anything. I had to wait another 20 minutes to get my pizza.

Other than that, they usually get my order right and we end up devouring the entire pizza.

I wish that there was a way to pay for your pizza without having to jump into the grocery line, the lines at this location are always so long as well.

What’s your favorite pizza joint?


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