El Tepeyac Cafe

Growing up in Los Angeles we are lucky to have very good Mexican Cuisine. Trust me when I say that there are many Americans and Non-Americans that go through life never enjoying quality Mexican food. In turn, I think that Angelenos tend to be very critical of Mexican Restaurants.

El Tepeyac has been serving yummy food to us for decades ! It was founded in 1942, but moved to its current home, Boyle Heights in 1952. Manuel Rojas, the founder, owned and managed this establishment until his death in 2013. He was a known figure in the community, as he was always friendly with patrons, even having a bit of tequila with them every now and then.


The restaurant does have a private parking lot, which is convenient; however, finding street parking is not difficult usually. This is a small venue, with very limited seating, unfortunately. So, be prepared to strategically plan your visit or wait in line outside. Luckily, the line moves quickly, so you will not be hungry long.

There are free-standing tables along with counter seating. Inside you will find  simple, yet lively decor.


The food here is so good. It tastes like home cooking. I always get the burrito. Rice, guacamole, tomato, lettuce, and onion. FYI the beans have chicken broth. The portions are huge, so consider sharing. You do get complimentary chips and salsa, not that you should need them. If you can eat one of their burritos and not be stuffed, hat down to you. Usually I split mine into 3 sittings.

They set the standard for portion. This is a burrito stuffed with the perfect amount !

I don’t usually order wet burritos. Who likes a soggy tortilla? I don’t know how they make their tortillas or what is going on here, but they pour tomato sauce over the burritos with chunks of tomato and onion, but it doesn’t get mushy and soggy.

Is there a trick to this?!


This is a family-owned restaurant. I don’t know if everyone working here is a family member, but every employee that I’ve spoken to is a family member; either by blood or by marriage. I think this helps make this restaurant so successful. Everyone here cares; they care about the venue, the food, the customers. Even though they are busy, the staff is always smiling, attentive, and efficient.

Good food, good service, and a great environment. No wonder, L.A. loves el Tepeyac.


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