The Misfit

The Misfit is one of the newer additions to the list of Santa Monica Bar/Restaurant scene. Everyone’s been raving about it, so I had to try it out for myself.


There is plenty of parking areas around here, so that shouldn’t be an issue. There are car parks, metered parking, and if you venture out far enough, you might find some residential parking.

There is indoor and outdoor seating, as well as an upstairs area. Still, there are not many tables, so plan on waiting quite a while to be seated. Note, they do not take reservations.

This is a very dark place, it creates a mysterious ambiance; however, it is very loud. Maybe as the hype subsides, it will become a bit quieter. For now, be prepared to squeeze through a crowd and struggle to find a place to stand if you head to the bar. If you’re looking for a lively environment, this is it.


I went with the chickpea wraps. S and I also split the fries.

The fries were so good. They are shoestring fries and we asked for some mustard and ketchup on the side. I don’t like my french fries to be too crispy, and these were done just right.

The chickpea wraps were perfect. You get the butter lettuce on the side. You can fill them with as much or as little as you’d like of the filling. The filling consists of chickpeas, smoked almonds, pickled apples, and sambal.It was nice to have a filling dish that was pretty much vegan. No substitutions required. Just make sure to ask for no sambal, as it contains shrimp paste. Service:

The service was great! We were miserable waiting, as we were all starving. The hosts never seemed annoyed, even though I asked about 6 times where we were in the seating list. Our server was friendly, and laughed at our jokes. She got our order right. Plus, she even brought us complimentary cookies (salted chocolate chip). I think they were for the whole restaurant, but it was still a treat. 

So, while the food and drinks are pricey, the service is good and you get lively ambiance. Why not check it out?


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