Chin Chin 

You know those people who are very difficult to eat out with? My grandmother is one of those people. She knows what she likes and you cannot convince her to try something new. Even worse, it is impossible to get her try anything that is considered vegan or vegetarian. For that reason, I usually find myself conceding to go to restaurants that will have options for her so that she actually gets to enjoy herself.



This restaurant is located on Beverly Blvd., which makes it the perfect lunch spot for those working in the area.

There is metered parking or you might get lucky if you find some residential street parking a block or two away. Personally, I just go straight for the parking structure, which is 2 hours free on weekdays.

There is only inside seating, but the restaurant itself is a decent size. The ceilings are pretty high and the floor to ceiling front windows let a lot of light in. There are tables and booths for larger groups.


The menu is very user-friendly. The sections are clearly marked, so all you need to do is head to the “Vegetable” section and take your pick. I ordered the Fragrant Vegetables with the Vegetarian sauce and no mushrooms. This dish consists of Mixed vegetables with white wine, curry, garlic, black bean, Kung pao, or vegetarian sauce. The vegetables were bright and crisp. They weren’t dripping in oil so that you wind up with mushy vegetables.

Keep in mind that this a family style type restaurant; however, since my sister is vegetarian and gluten-free, i’m vegan, grandma is super picky, and my mom eats just about anything, we each ordered our own dish and took leftovers home. If you like to share this is a great restaurant to do this at. I would potentially like to go back and try the other dishes.


The service was great. Admittedly, we walked in annoyed by the fact that every restaurant had a forty-minute wait. We were sat immediately and the server was extremely upbeat. He was attentive and checked on us to make sure that everything was going well. Our order was brought out correctly. By then end of our meal, we were full and happy.


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