Happy Cinco de Drinko!

This is undoubtedly one of my favorite Mexican-related celebrations. I know the historical background of Cinco De Mayo, so please spare me 🙂

Anyway, in celebration I wanted all things Mexican. Lunch time was no exception. Admittedly, we have a regular spot that we frequent when we are craving Mexican cuisine. Today, we were just in the mood for something different.

I happened to have gone to a Kevin Garrett concert last night at The Hotel Cafe, and on the way to the show we drove past Tinga. My boyfriend perked up, when he noticed it and mentioned that he had been wanting to try it. At the time, I didn’t think much of it at the time, but fast forward 12-hours later and it pops up on my yelp search.

We decided to check out the menu before making a decision. I called to confirm that my dish could be made vegan…. and so it happened…



Located on 3rd Street, this restaurant is located on a busy street. There are two convenient “loading zones” if you decide to get take out. There is also metered parking if you get lucky enough to find one.

The restaurant has a very industrial feel to it; however, it so minimalistic that it almost feels as if it could be a really cool beach bar.


I ordered the BRC Burrito: Black beans ,refried beans, roasted corn,arroz con crema, pico de gallo, pasilla puree and queso fresco. Clearly not vegan. So, I called in order to properly be able to customize my order. NO DAIRY ! Just let them know. Keep in mind this means NO rice. Sorry to inform you but the rice is pre-made and already has the cream mixed in.


Anyway, call me simple, but I liked the packaging. It was a cardboard box which actually stayed closed. The chips are thick and look fresh made. It comes with a spicy sauce, trust me I am a wimp, but I tried it. It was good, so I decided to save the chips and salsa for my boyfriend. Instead I went straight for my burrito.

I unwrapped my tightly wrapped burrito and took the first bite. Immediately I could taste the smokiness of the sauces. I took my second bite and was greeted by a colorful filling. Nothing makes food more exciting than the colors of fresh ingredients.

Their burrito was perfectly layered, such that I got some of every ingredient with each bite. Their tortilla held up the entire way through and you know that I am the world’s slowest eater.


When I called over the telephone, the gentleman that answered was very patient and answered all my questions. he knew the menu well enough that he could answer my questions regarding ingredients without having to put me on hold to go ask.

The online ordering process is straightforward and simple. I was able to add special instructions and my food was made right.

The gentleman who handed me my order, was working behind the bar. He attended to me within seconds of walking in despite the lunch rush. He grabbed my order and even added the extra sauces that my co-worker wanted.

My co-worker raved about her chile relleno burrito as well. We will surely be back ! Thank you for such a lovely experience.



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