The Corner Door

Dine LA is a huge event!

Every year restaurants seem to offer more during this week in order to entice people to choose their venue over all of the others.

I usually go on to the Dine LA website. I select the neighborhoods that I’d like to go to and sift through menus. I look for the best price and of course Veggie options. Once I pick out about 5 restaurants, I call them to make sure that I will be allowed to make substitutions, as many veggie dishes still contain dairy.


This year, me, my mother, S, and Z went over to The Corner Bar in Culver City. There is no private lot; however, there is plenty of street parking and residential area parking. There is only indoor seating which includes a couple of perimeter tables, a communal table, and bar seating. The lighting is extremely dim, such that we all had a difficult time reading our menus.


The prix fixe menu had a vegetarian option. I ordered the Brussels Sprouts, but they forgot to remove the cheese. Given how busy of a night it was, I didn’t make a big fuss about it. I scraped as much as I could off.  The sprouts were marinated with a sherry glaze. The caramelized onions balanced the glaze nicely. As my entree, I chose the parpadelle, however, instead of bolognese and cheese, they cooked it with greens and olive oil. The texture of the noodles was perfection. Believe it or not there was so much flavor to the dish. Dessert was a chocolate pudding with maple cream and toasted almonds. I gladly donated to the table and everyone loved it.


We showed up late and they managed to squeeze us in, despite how busy they were. I appreciated that they were honest and told us we would have to wait for quite some time.

Our server was great, he answered all of our questions regarding the menu and even made some recommendations. On top of that, I have to commend him for working with me and my needs.

I never expect people to accommodate me, but it means a lot when they do on a busy night like this one.


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