Donuts/Doughnuts? Whatever the case my be donuts are cakes with a hole in the middle. Who doesn’t like cakes?

The downside to these lovely morsels is that they are fried and pack enough fat, sugar, and carbs to last you a week.

I’m sure many of you had the same problem when going vegan. Vegan pastries, tend to be dry and crumbly. There are very few people who get it right. Fonuts has it right.

“The brainchild of L.A.’s most celebrated pastry chef, Waylynn Lucas, and gluten-free baking wiz Nancy Truman, fōnuts debuted in August ’11 with a mission to elevate the coffee and donut experience into loftier and tastier realms. Baked and/or steamed and never fried, fōnuts replicate the donut taste you know and love, but give it a modern spin, featuring gluten-free and vegan options alongside traditional varieties.  With an aversion to fryer oil and a focus on natural ingredients, Lucas and Truman accentuate the deliciousness of every fōnut bite. “



This venue is located on 3rd street. It is the perfect home for this innovative bakery. The decor speaks to the overall theme of this shop. Everything looks clean, sunny, and fresh. There is street parking out front and on side streets, watch out for signs and meters!

There are a few tables outside and a couple of tables inside; however, it’s more of a take out type donut shop.


I feel in love with these fonuts from the moment I took my first bite. They offer vegan, gluten free, and regular donuts. By regular I don’t speak to the quality of their donuts. They offer something for everyone.

My favorite flavors so far are: chocolate coconut and vanilla latte (pictured below). the donut pictured above is raspberry, which was also very tasty.

Keep in mind this is a fonut so it is not exactly the same. Their cake is dense so one should be enough to fill you up. Also, since they use natural ingredients the flavors are different. There is a huge difference between an artificial sweetener stuffed donut and these fonuts.


Every time that I’ve been here, the employees have been perky and helpful. I usually, just ask them what their favorite flavor is and go from there.


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