Ramen Burger

I remember when I first heard about the ramen burger I was lying in bed watching the KCAL morning news. As usual, I was avoiding getting ready for work. I remember seeing it and I immediately thought that this is the ultimate college kid’s dream. I used to live off of ramen, smarties, turkey deli slices, and pixie sticks.

Note: I can 100% guarantee you that there is butter in this. As you know, I allow myself to have butter, when unavoidable.



When I finally found this place I was so excited. It was unexpected. As my boyfriend and I walked into Lock & Key I spotted it. I knew at that moment that I had to stop there on the way out. What kind of food blogger would I be, if I did not stop and try the famous Ramen Burger.

This is a hole-in-the-wall stand type place. There is very limited outdoor seating. The staff was very friendly and wide awake, given the fact that it was so late.

If you’re looking to just stop by, parking will be an issue. There is very limited street parking and you can’t really park at the gas station or the shopping center parking lot next door, unless you want to risk getting towed.

We wound up taking our food to go and ate it in the car.


I, of course, ordered the veggie burger. My boyfriend ordered the regular burger. He was underwhelmed by his. We both agreed that mind was very tasty, though. Your burger comes wrapped in wax paper – I was surprised by the texture. I expected it to be super crunchy, like uncooked cup noodles. While the noodle bun has some crunch to it, it is soft and chewy on the inside. The burger is bathed in a salty teriyaki type sauce. There was a small squishy piece of lettuce and that is about it. This is a very rich “burger”. 3/4 of the way in I felt I had enough, so I gave the rest to my boyfriend.

All in all this is a great foodie find. If you’re nearby on a late night, make a pit stop and indulge. I wouldn’t drive all the way from my side of town just for this. I came, I ate, I enjoyed.

Thank you.


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