Whole Foods

All vegans know, or should know that you cannot go wrong with Whole Foods. While I try to cook as much as possible, sometimes I am too lazy to cook and too lazy to go out. So what do I do? I mosey on over to Whole Foods where I can find just about anything. The Asian Cuisine Station is my favorite, when I’m looking for some lighter faire.


This review is limited to the Asian Cuisine Station at the Venice Whole Foods


This station is usually empty, or maybe I just have great timing. The area is always kept clean and a staff member usually helps me right away.


I get the bowl. This strictly means that it comes in a bowl. On this night I got black olives, broccoli, onion, green onion, lettuce, and tofu. I like to add the teriyaki sauce.

What I don’t like about this dish is that the sauce is too watery or something, because all the sauce ends up at the bottom and you don’t get much of the flavor on the veggies. Also, I wish that it would come with rice or noodles at the bottom. After all that’s usually what a “bowl” means.


As always, whole foods employees are very polite and helpful.


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