Ice cream is ice cream no matter how you serve it, right? WRONG!

I’m a sucker for artisan ice cream. Admittedly, I judge people who eat vanilla ice cream. Why have vanilla, when there are so many flavors?


Carmela is located diagonally across from The Grove and directly across from Trader Joe’s on Fairfax and 3rd St.  There is metered parking or you can park in the Trader Joe’s lot, which is a bit more pricey.

There is limited seating in the parlor; however, there is a secret seating area. Yes! Secret! If you walk past the counter and through the freezer door there is a seating area with retro couches and a photo booth. It’s so cute!


Now that I am vegan I don’t have many options, when I go to an ice cream shoppe. Usually the super cool artisan places will have one sorbet that I can have. This place had 4 options ! how spoiled did I feel? I tasted all of them and decided to have the cucumber sorbet. It was very refreshing and creamy. I hate icy sorbet. I indulged and got the waffle cone, which is 100% not vegan BUT it looked pretty. I actually didn’t eat the waffle cone, i just thought it’d make a good picture.

Don’t you agree?


The gentleman who took care of us was great ! He wasn’t overly friendly; however, he joked with us and allowed us to sample. He made great suggestions. Plus, he was the one that told us about the “secret area”.

What is your favorite ice cream parlor in Los Angeles?


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